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Meaning Behind The Blog Title

The title of my blog is “…Might As Well Laugh,” but I know that not everything I write is meant to be funny.  So why the title?  Let me explain…

I’ve gone through a lot, which I’m so thankful for because it has molded me into who I am; but with each obstacle I’ve learned the universe has a great sense of humor.  The occurrences that go on in my life sometimes simply represent those to a Katherine Heigl movie.  There are a lot of situations that I could easily cry over because it’s just crazy, but instead I laugh.

When things happen to me, I pick laughter.  I have realized that laughter is the better alternative.  This goes along with my whole, “keep things in perspective,” outlook on life as well.  So, in the midst of a plot twist in my life, often times people will hear me say, “Might as well laugh!”  This acts as a reminder to me to always pick laughter, trust life, and realize that the universe only sends me what I can handle.


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