We’ve Got The Power


Happy International Women’s Day! 

First, let’s get the elephant out of the room.  As many of you know, whether it be by knowing me personally or just reading my blog, I am a fan of President Trump.  I’ve gotten a lot of hate for that, being I’m also an absolute feminist.  So let’s just make one thing clear – you can in fact be both.  I am.  Yes, President Trump isn’t perfect and may have said things in the past that were offensive to women.  However, he has apologized multiple times, his companies are still one of the top few that employ the highest number of women, he did raise Ivanka Trump (who is an intelligent, bad ass, great role model for girls), and he is in no way working against the female gender while president.

That being said, I absolutely support the Times Up and #MeToo movement, but I don’t think it should be an anti-Trump movement.  Some people have taken it that way, and that truly saddens me.  If that’s where they’ve taken it, then they’ve missed the point entirely.  A feminist means you believe and want equality, it doesn’t mean you’re against men or that you only stand behind women.  My argument to everyone who said that I couldn’t possibly be a feminist because I wasn’t supporting Hillary Clinton is this: I am such a feminist, that I am not going to side with a woman simply because she’s a woman.  If we are in fact choosing to be seen as equal, then I can judge both candidates at the same equal level playing field; which I did.  In my opinion, Trump was/is better suited to run this country.  That in no way erases my feminist title.

I really don’t want this piece to be political, so I will leave it at that.  But because of all the backlash I have gotten since fully supporting Trump, I felt it had to be discussed.  And I do think it’s important to also remember that the movements going on right now are far bigger than politics.  They have nothing to do with politics and everything to do with people’s attitudes, way of thinking, and perspective.

So, moving on…

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I feel like this piece has to be different this year as compared to my other IWD pieces because women have made a lot of strides over the past year.  With the Time’s Up Movement and the #MeToo campaign, voices that should never have been silenced in the first place became louder than ever imagined.  It’s a powerful thing, drawing light to horrible situations that were at one point in history deemed “normal.” It’s a powerful thing to come forward and tell your story, especially if it’s one you never spoke about.  I think for the first time in a while, this movement led to celebrities using their platform correctly.  Whether they were brave enough to share the details of their own story or simply just support the movement, they got people talking.  They started a global conversation that inspired others to step forward, voice their experience, and begin their own healing process.

These movements have given us women some of the power we were stripped of since the beginning of time, simply because we weren’t born as a male.  For some women, all they’ve ever known was a power struggle.  Whether it be the power to be the CEO, the power to be seen as a life  partner rather than a maid/cook, the power to speak up and voice opinions; it’s power that society has always told us we didn’t have.  They’ve done a damn good job following through with that over the years, there’s no doubt there.  But I’m not sure if we ever stopped to think about the power that we have inside ourselves to combat it….up until now.

We have the power to change the way people to speak to us.  We have to stop talking down to one another and thinking it’s okay.  This will just make men think it’s okay to talk down to us.  Same thing with name calling, fat shaming, and style hating.  If we accept women being mean to each other, men won’t think twice about being mean too.

We have the power to say no.  I hope that even the quietest person remembers that they can yell if they need or want to.  I hope they remember that their voice matters, and that no man’s voice is greater just because it’s deeper.

We have the power to learn from our experiences.  When someone faces a challenge, they have two choices. They can choose to be a victim, or they can use the challenge as fuel to create change.  What I think makes women really remarkable is the fact that as a whole, I think we choose the latter every single time.

We have the power to impact change.  Though it’s a shame to have to go through an unfavorable experience, it’s a blessing to be able to take it, learn from it, and help others going through the same thing.

We have the power to stick together and create a force.  Perhaps the strongest weapon in this world is a girl and her girlfriends.  Some girls can be friends with everyone, while others have a select few that they mesh with.  It’s important to understand that you don’t have to be friends with every girl in order to have a respect for every girl and their girlfriend group.  That genuine respect makes a force that can’t be touched, broken, or negated.

I think this movement that we’re in the midst of is the result of women finally realizing their own power. 

Let today act as a reminder that we’ve finally got the mic.  The ball is finally in our court.  The time for male bullshit is finally up.  Let it also act as a reminder that the power within us will always prove to be greater than the challenge ahead of us.

We’ve just begun.