The F Word

F is for feminist.  This F word is completely appropriate, yet it is often thought of in the same light as the inappropriate F word.  And as a proud feminist, and a woman in general, I’m tired of it.


I recently read a story where celebrities were asked if they were feminists. Females were saying, “I wouldn’t call myself a feminist, because that’s a bit strong.”  They also made comments saying that the word feminists suggests a negative connotation.  Are they kidding?  What the ****? (insert other F word here)  Celebrities, females especially, should be using their platform to promote equality and feminism; rather than fearing the way the word is interpreted.

With a presidential election coming up, one of the main things I look for in a candidate is the acknowledgment of feminism and what the candidate plans on doing to help women progress in terms of equality.  So I have been keeping notes on discussions of feminism and I simply do not understand how or why females are embarrassed to call themselves feminists.

Feminism means you believe in equality.  It doesn’t mean you believe that women are superior to men.  Being a feminist is not something to be ashamed about.  It’s something you should take pride in.  It means you’re acknowledging that there is a problem and you want to solve it.

My generation is the generation that could close the wage gap, end the gender discrimination, move past the stereotypes.  But how are we supposed to do that if people are afraid to use the f word?  This just further proves the problem.  We are living in a world where using the word feminist is looked down upon.  And the bigger problem is that a good percentage of females living in this world, don’t care enough to try to stop it.  While the men in my generation also have to stop fearing that using the f word makes them less of a man, how can we expect them to if women aren’t embracing the word?  We can’t expect change for women if women aren’t fully on board.

Some food for thought… Call yourself a feminist.  Don’t fear the word.  Don’t fear being shamed.  Be confident when you use the word.  Be obnoxious about the goal for equality.  It’s better to be obnoxious than disrespected.  It’s better to be extra loud than completely silenced.