Hustle Hard

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It’s been a little while since my last blog, and that is entirely because of my hectic school schedule.  It’s crunch time now, and the stress is real.  Through all the chaos this semester though, I’ve come to appreciate the amount of work I have to do and have always done.

So many times I hear people who have gotten crazy opportunities but I know it was just a stroke of luck.  I know they don’t work nearly as hard as I do, and yet things are handed to them.  This would bother me to absolutely no end.  As I work my butt off, I’m being denied and rejected from opportunities that I’m applying for.  While these people who could ultimately care less are handed things on a silver platter.

This semester I took six classes, worked two jobs, and had an internship where I had to contribute a minimum of 90 hours for school credit.  I have reached a point of complete exhaustion.  However, as the end approaches, I’m extremely proud of myself for somehow managing to not quit.

And that’s just the thing, I never quit.  I never really appreciated that quality about myself until recently, probably until this semester.  Anything that I start, I finish.  When someone tells me I can’t do something, you better believe I will do it.  When people count me out, they are in for a rude awakening.  Don’t ever count me out.

I appreciate the amount of work I have to do because I know that no one can ever take it from me.  Nothing gets handed to me, but that also means nothing can be taken from me.  I don’t owe any accomplishment to anyone except myself (and my parents for their support).  In the long run, I’m more grateful for having to instill that work ethic in myself instead of getting the luck card distributed to me.  Having to work for every accomplishment builds character and changes your outlook on life.  You become aware that nothing is permanent, not success or struggle.

As finals week approaches for college kids, appreciate the hard work you have to do because in the end it’s only helping you.  Pressure can either burst pipes or make a diamond.  Be a diamond.

Hustle until you no longer have to introduce yourself.  And when you no longer have to introduce yourself, what a wonderful feeling it will be to know that it’s because of you and your hard work, not because of introductions from others.