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What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?


The infamous question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” is a question that gets asked God only knows how many times.  The answers that I’ve had throughout the years are scattered all over the place.  When I was five, I wanted to be a vet – until I found out that they had to clean the animal’s butts.  As I started dance, I wanted to be a dance teacher.  Continuing dance, I wanted to be a Broadway dancer, then a Rockette, then a professional choreographer… all up until my knee fell apart (that’s a story for another blog).  Then I wanted to be a singer/songwriter, then a music producer… Leading to my current decision of journalist, preferably a sports journalist.

Yesterday I made my schedule for next semester; my final semester of college – and let me tell you – it’s getting real.  It’s a little scary knowing that after next semester I’ve got to come up with a game plan to start my career.  And as I try to get a game plan going, I’m asking myself that infamous question, “Kristina, what do you really want to be when you grow up?” I love writing, I’m told that I’m good at it.  I love sports, they make me happy.  And yet, here I am, questioning my career choice.

Last night, after a pep talk from my parents, I did some thinking.  I realized that the reason I’m questioning sports journalism as my career is because the things I hope to get from my career have changed; because, I’ve changed.

When I wanted to be a vet, I didn’t know what I wanted out of job, because let’s face it – my concept of what a job is at the age of five was probably not exactly up to par.  As I got older, I realized I wanted to do something I was really passionate about – that being dance. All I wanted from my career was just fun; I wanted to do something that was fun for me and that I was good at.  After my knee injury, being older, I took into account that I also want longevity from my career.  Hence, my transition into music production and music in general.  A part of me also wanted to pursue music because, I’m not going to lie, I wanted everyone to know who I was.  I wanted that fame, that celebrity lifestyle; I think mostly because of the struggles I had to overcome throughout junior high and high school.  At the time, the only way I thought you could become a known name was through the entertainment industry.  Getting older, I became a little more realistic.  Not to say that I couldn’t make it in the entertainment industry because I absolutely have that drive; but I figured if that was really my true calling, I would have been way more motivated with all of it.

So then my senior year of high school, applying for college, I reevaluated my life basically.  And I realized that I love writing and my main concern with a career was being able to do something that I loved.  Now, as a senior in college – soon to embark on my final semester, the once fun question becomes serious.  I still have the same concern, I want to be able to wake up every morning truly excited to go to work.  However, you do learn new things about yourself in college.  And for me, over the past four years, I’ve realized that I really want to make a difference in this world and influence change.  So that infamous question of, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” has turned into, “What are you going to do to make a difference?”

My goal in life is no longer to have a career with a superfluous salary (though, if it happens that way – I won’t complain), or have a career to simply become famous (even though I was voted most likely to be famous in high school), or do something that is simply just fun.  My career goal now reflects the growth I’ve made thus far in life.

So what do I want to be when I grow up?  Well, as I continue to grow up, I still want that career that makes me excited to go to work every morning.  But now, I realize I want to also wake up every morning with the potential to start change.  And as I write this blog, I realize that the best way that I, Kristina Konrad, can promote change is through writing.  As for what I’ll be writing, the medium I’ll be writing for… I guess I’ll have to sit back, ride it out, and see where this universe leads me.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

…What do I want to be when I grow up?  A happy person who makes a difference.

Final answer.


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