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The Universe

ImageHappy 2014!!!

Since the first day of 2014, I’ve had the same conversation several times with several different people.  It’s a conversation that’s about something new and exciting starting to unravel in their favor.  The person starts with such excitement but then they throw the whole “But I’m not getting my hopes up, this way I’m not disappointed,” line in the sentence.

That is a pet peeve of mine.  I hate that line.  I think it ruins everything someone told me prior to that line.  I think it’s negative and creates a negative mindset.  A negative mindset means you’re sending negative energy out to the Universe.  I know from experience that the Universe really does listen, so why send out a negative message?

I think everyone should get their hopes up.  I think everyone should aim for exactly what they want.  This creates a positive mindset and therefore sends out a positive energy to the Universe.

So what about if the Universe doesn’t reward you with the positive thought you sent out? Well, let me tell you all something – the best lessons I’ve learned have happened at the worst times.

I learned about friendships through the tormenting days of being cyberbullied.  I learned about willpower through my chaotic knee surgery.  I learned about determination through another knee injury.  I learned about love through the heartbreak of dealing with loss. And most importantly, I learned about myself through the way I handled each new lesson.

One thing was constant with all those situations, my hopes were up, I was aiming for success; for the goal I wanted to happen.  And even though the goal I wanted may not have been achieved, something of value was achieved just the same.  The Universe sent me what I needed at the time.

The Universe listens and delivers, so make sure the message you send out is a positive one that is loud and clear.  My wish for everyone in 2014 is not only to send positive messages to the universe but to get your hopes up.  Life is supposed to be exciting, so start getting excited!


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