The Saga Continues…

ImageSo the Alex Rodriguez saga continues… and it’s not surprising that it’s in a dramatic fashion.

Obviously I have made clear in past posts that I wasn’t a big A-Rod fan, well since this whole steroid situation has taken place, I must say, I’ve become a fan.

Let’s first admire how he’s kept his composure thus far.  Not only has he managed to not stampede the mound in Boston after he got purposely hit, but he’s managed to not discuss anything with the press, as a way to respect the process.  I have to agree that originally I thought that when he said he was respecting the process, I thought he was simply covering his butt.  Now though, I think he really did want to respect the process.

As the arbitration meetings continued, the plan was that Bud Selig, commissioner of Major League Baseball, would testify prior to Alex Rodriguez testifying.  Things changed rather quickly.  Selig did not want to testify anymore, and the head honchos of the arbitration said that he did not have to.  This resulted in A-Rod slamming a desk, kicking a briefcase, and storming out of the room.

Rodriguez then took to Micheal Francesa with one of his lawyers to discuss what happened on The Mike Francesa show.  This is when I officially became a fan of A-Rod.  Aside from the fact that for the first time he said he did not take part in any of the charges against him, he showed emotion that you just cannot fake.  As he was discussing the whole process and how frustrated he has become dealing with all of this, his voice began to crack, and I thought he was going to cry.  This man is not an actor, he’s a baseball player.  I know that feeling of frustration all too well, and those are emotions that you cannot easily fake.  I also know how annoying it is to have someone accuse you of something through every means of communication, but yet not say it directly to your face.  So when A-Rod discussed his feelings toward Bud Selig not being able to look at Alex directly and speak about all of this, I completely understood.  Not to mention that Bud Selig not testifying is ultimately disrespecting the process he claims to be fair and just.  So, I agree with you Alex, for that alone, you shouldn’t serve an inning.

I listened to the rest of his interview and felt that he was being genuine.  As someone who’s gut instinct is always right, I felt that he really didn’t take steroids this time around.  And the last time he took steroids, he came clean about it, so why would he not say it again now?  Oh, and let’s not forget that all the tests came back negative.

So yeah, now I’m an Alex Rodriguez fan, and I really mean that.  I’m not sure why the sudden change of heart, but I think it’s because for once A-Rod didn’t try to be Superman.  He didn’t try to win over anyone, he just wanted to speak.  And through that raw emotion, I feel like what he spoke was the truth.  I think the way he has handled such allegations and the nonsense surrounding them says a lot about his character; like that it even exists.

In all seriousness, I feel like this whole situation has somehow managed to ground A-Rod.  His ego seems to have deflated back to confidence rather than arrogance, and he seems more team oriented.  I started realizing this at the end of this past season.  I even found myself silently hoping he would hit a homerun.  Or at the very least, not cringing every single at bat he had.

A-Rod makes it a point on The Mike Francesa show to acknowledge that he has made mistakes and is aware that many people hate him.  But in doing that, he showed he was human.  He was being real. And him being real, and straightforward, and even just his mannerisms, that was enough to make me believe that he knows wrong from right and that he didn’t commit any wrong this time around.

During the interview, the cherry on top for me, was to hear him say he loves New York and he loves being a Yankee.  As a diehard fan, it’s always nice to know the player on your team appreciates the team as much as you do.

I encourage you all to watch the videos on the YES Network website, and take a step back to reevaluate your opinions on this situation.  Forget his past for a few minutes and look at him in the moment.

Let it be known, I’m now an Alex Rodriguez fan.