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Power In Pride

September 11, 2001.

I still remember that day like it was yesterday. I remember those next few days. I remember those weeks that followed. I remember every news channel showing the clip over and over again. I remember all the tragic stories, heartbreaking pictures, and unbearable facts.  Yet the thing that I remember most is the patriotism.

I distinctly remember this Ad Council Freedom commercial. To this day it is one of my favorite commercials. It emphasizes one of the biggest American outlooks – united we stand.

As time has elapsed since that tragic day, it is sad to me that so many people seem to have lost their patriotism. With the economy, the Korean scare, the conflict now in Syria, it seems everyone thinks the government is out to hurt them. It bothers me that so many of my peers see the American government in a negative light. I’m not saying I agree with every choice that is made or the way we go about some things, but I truly do believe it’s for the greater good. Maybe I’m just a foolish optimist, but I still trust that America is standing by the principles our founding fathers (and mothers) generated.

I understand why some people, my peers especially, think that we should be focusing solely on helping our country and our country alone. However, we are all interdependent and as a country that stands for freedom, how do you expect us to turn a cheek to wrongdoing and injustice? Still some people argue that it’s pointless for us to help any other country because no one would stand by us if we needed the help. That’s like saying it’s okay for a high school jock to walk right past an elementary school student being bullied because the elementary student wouldn’t be able to help him. Seriously, it’s time to wise up. By us speaking up, it is keeping our principles of freedom, that we love so much, intact and relevant.

So many people bash their own country, and yet they’re the ones who have the power to change the reputation of this country. After the attacks, America was regarded as strong because of the strength and camaraderie of the American people. There is still power in pride. America is still strong because we still stand by the morals we held originally. America is still strong, we’re just not sending the message anymore. Let’s change that. As a way to honor the victims of 9-11, I think we should all try to bring back the patriotism we all displayed back in 2001.

May those who passed away due to September 11, rest in eternal peace. May those who put their life on the line to save others that day, know that we are all eternally grateful. And to those people who have fought, or currently fight for the American people and our beliefs – a sincere thank you.

God Bless America. Land that I truly love.


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