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It’s safe to say that a Yankees verse Red Sox game is never dull.  This proved especially true during Sunday night’s game at Fenway.  When the rivalry went way beyond the desire to win.

Red Sox pitcher, Ryan Dempster plunked Alex Rodriguez with a ball at his first at bat appearance during the second inning.  And, how disgusting that Boston fans cheered at this.  It was absolutely, without a doubt intentional, especially because of the location of his first few pitches.  The umpire issued a warning to Dempster, but allowed him to stay in the game.  That’s when A-Rod took his spot at first base and benches cleared.  Rightfully so, Yankees’ manager Joe Girardi was fired up.  The veins in his forehead were definitely visible to fans in the nosebleeds at that point.  As he got in the umpire’s face, and threw his hat on the ground, he was ejected from the game.

Now, as I made clear in my last blog, I’m not the biggest of A-Rod fans.  I do believe that he more than likely took PEDs, and I strongly believe that doing so is disrespectful to the game.  However, after this game, regardless of the use of PEDs or not, I now support Alex Rodriguez.  

Why the sudden change of heart?  Let me break it down for you…

Alex Rodriguez, though a cocky ball player, is still a human being.  Alex Rodriguez, though a suspect of steroid use, is still a human being.  Alex Rodriguez, though an arrogant person, is still a human being.  And since when is it okay to treat another human being like garbage?

I’ve said I feel like A-Rod has disrespected the game, and I’m not trying to say that that’s okay, but intentionally throwing a pitch at someone is just as disrespectful as any alleged steroid use.  Then fans cheering after someone got hit, what is that?  That’s disgusting is what that is.

Dempster should have been tossed from the game.  Even ESPN announcer, former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling, big time Yankee hater agreed.  Dempster is a professional baseball player, and the field is his office so to speak.  So let’s relate this to any other professional job.  Is it ever okay to hit your coworker, simply because you don’t like them?  Although I’m sure some of you readers may wish it were okay to do that, we all know it’s not.  Dempster hitting A-Rod and then being allowed to stay in the game is like a judge allowing a lawyer to stay in the courtroom after jabbing the opposing attorney in the jugular with a ballpoint pen.

Let me also make it clear that I understand fans stand behind their players and their teams.  BUT, cheering when any player gets hit, is disrespectful to the game you apparently love.  Seriously, what if that was a player on your team?  Or what if your pitcher threw the ball just a little bit higher and hit A-Rod (or any other player at the plate) in the head?  Would you still be cheering?  If you love the game as much as you claim, you respect it.  It’s never okay to intentionally hit another player.  Ever.  Bottom line.  So, to the crowd at Fenway Park Sunday night who cheered after A-Rod got hit, shame on you, you’re giving baseball fans a bad reputation; and I personally take offense to that.  Plus, what are you teaching to the younger generation of baseball fans and players?

Here’s another thing, not only does A-Rod deserve to still be treated like the human being that he is, as does every other player regardless of any assumptions, he deserves a lot of credit.  Forget about having to go up to bat with constant boo-ing, he knew he got hit intentionally and yet walked calmly to base.  Seriously props for that alone.  Because I know I would have been a raging lunatic. My gloves would have come off and my helmet would have been tossed to the ground as I stampeded toward the mound, bat still in hand.

I am a firm believer in doing the right thing.  Regardless of any issue with a player, or any rivalry between teams, throwing to intentionally hit someone, is never the right thing.  And anyone who deserves to be treated like a human being but is not, will have my support.  A-Rod made a bad choice, but it only hurt himself, he doesn’t deserve to be treated like a criminal under the investigation of a murder.

Alex Rodriguez is a human being.  Though I may not stand behind all of A-Rod’s actions or words, I stand behind him as another human being who feels he is being disrespected.  I stand behind him as a human being who believes that everyone should respect one another.

The Yankees went on to win Sunday night’s game 9-6, a sweet victory.  The sweetest of runs was Alex Rodriguez’s solo homerun, proving that karma exists.

Watching A-Rod round the bases with such emotion was what switched on the support from me.  Because watching him with all that emotion proved to me that he’s really just another human being who simply made a mistake.  And making mistakes does not give anyone else the right to treat you like you are less than human.


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