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Judgement Day


It’s been a crazy few weeks for baseball players and fans.  All this speculation about suspensions have gotten our heads spinning and our mouths moving.  It’s horrible that so many players are even suspected to have been using Performance Enhancing Drugs. This is a big deal.  A huge deal.  Yet, somehow on judgement day, Alex Rodriguez seems to take center stage, again.

I’m a die hard Yankees fan, but I’ve never been too happy with A-Rod.  I’ve always felt like he didn’t wear the pinstripes as humbly as he should (although maybe that’s just because I compare every Yankee to Jeter…).  But, aside from his little personality quirks that would bug me, I always got irritated about how he would approach the plate.  Homeruns are great, but they are not the only way to win games.  Every time A-Rod walks up to bat, I feel like he has this mentality that he has to be the hero.  He can never just get a base hit, it’s either all or nothing.  That, just aggravates me.  I’m not going to sugar coat how I feel, and I am not trying to persuade any of you readers to feel the same way as me.  But, in general, I think he’s a hog for the spotlight, a cocky ball player, a shady person, and someone who has let fame blur his vision of reality and morality.

For those who haven’t been following as closely, even though A-Rod is in the lineup tonight, he has been suspended for 211 regular season games.  Rodriguez has stated to the media in a press conference that just happened a few minutes ago that he plans on appealing this.  Though he could not discuss this whole situation in detail, which I’m sure was for various lawful reasons and not just a lack of vocabulary – though it came off that way at times, it’s been made clear he will fight this.  So, don’t get too comfortable with that suspension length just yet.  

Here’s the thing, watching that press conference, I was getting all caught up in his words, his charm, his genuine look of frustration.  I was beginning to feel sorry for him.  How awful it must be to be him and how terrible it must be to know you’re more than likely going to get booed at every at bat.  But then, I put my reality perspective glasses back on. 

I don’t feel sorry for A-Rod in this predicament.  Do I feel bad that he had to undergo crazy hip surgery and knee surgery?  Absolutely.  That’s beyond your control.  I know from my own knee surgery experience, how scary surgery is, and how extremely frustrating the recovery is.  So, props to you Alex for undergoing serious surgeries and intense recovery processes.  

That being said, your job is to play third base for the New York Yankees, a job people dream about.  The amount of money you are making in a year, is more than some people will make their entire lifetime.  You are living a life of luxury that people envy you for.  So, why on Earth would you put yourself in a position to even be in this mess and throw all of that away?  Could it be you got caught in the limelight and thought you could manipulate yourself out of this?  Or did you simply think you wouldn’t get caught?  Either way, either choice cannot be given sympathy for.

Now, let me step back for a second.  I do believe that it’s wrong that all the other players who have been suspended are kind of going under the radar because A-Rod is making such a splash.  But, A-Rod also has one of the biggest mouths in baseball, so really it only makes sense.  Plus, he’s one of the most known baseball players, so along with such a title, comes attention – positive or negative.

If A-Rod presented himself off the field in a manner similar to how the Core Four (Jeter, Rivera, Posada, and Pettitte) did, then all this speculation could be looked at as just that, speculation.  However, A-Rod has made a name for himself throughout the years, and has been caught in situations that make him look bad.  But you know, as A-Rod’s paranoia hinted, it could just be the big, bad Yankees trying to make him look bad.

There’s a possibility that A-Rod did not take PEDs, but there’s also a possibility that the sky will be pink polka dotted tomorrow.  Get what I’m saying?  I’m interested to see how all of this will pan out.  And as all of these assumptions come to the surface, regardless of the outcome, I will remind myself that Alex Rodriguez was given a future on a silver platter.  When being blessed with such a life, it is important to not take such a lifestyle for granted.  He scratched that silver platter one too many times for me to sympathize anymore.

I don’t feel bad for Alex Rodriguez having to deal with this “nightmare” as he stated in the press conference, but rather for all the players that are working hard and playing honest to achieve a level of greatness.  I feel sorry for all the players who are in the minors who may not hit a homerun every at bat, but are consistent in helping their team.  I feel sorry for all the major league players who play fair but go unnoticed because A-Rod gets another headline.  But, I don’t, by any circumstance, have the ability to feel sorry for someone who is wasting a blessing, a talent, a gift, and giving the game I love a bad reputation. 



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