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One Mo Time!


As a die hard Yankee fan, I’ve been getting choked up since Opening Day when it comes to talking about Mariano Rivera.  I cannot believe he will be retiring after this season.  And it’s so crazy to think this is the last All Star Game he will be a part of.

The go to guy for a save, a member of the core four, the only active player who wears 42 on their jersey, the best closer in baseball… Mariano Rivera, Mo, The Sandman.  Is it really all dwindling down to an end?  Anyone who respects the game of baseball will agree that he has defined what it means to be a closer.  He has raised the standards for every future closer for not only the Yankees, but any major league team.

Aside from his work on the field, he also does various work for charities, both for his teammates, and his own foundation.  He has never once been linked to any Performance Enhancing Drugs, any misconduct, or any foul play.  He’s come up in the Yankee system and worked his way to greatness.  He will without a doubt earn a spot in the Baseball Hall of Fame, and go down as the greatest closer the Yankees have ever had.  He’s one of the athletes that give the game a good name.

I think the best way the Yankees can honor Mariano and his retiring season is by winning the World Series.  A champion should go out as a champion, with a championship.  So, as Yankee fans, we should all be sending some strong, positive, hopeful thoughts the Yankees way.  It’s time to put aside any criticism, negative thoughts, and judgements from the first half of this season, and believe in the power of the pinstripes.

So, let Mo’s presence in the All Star Game, and the rest of the season, soak in.  You are watching a legend.  You are watching history.

Here we go, chase for 28, one mo’ time


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