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Oh Captain, My Captain


Words cannot express my excitement right now. I went to bed reading a tweet saying the captain, Derek Jeter, will be back to the Bronx on Friday. Well, waking up to a text message Yankee alert saying he’ll be back today…. I’m not even being dramatic when saying, I was very close to tears of happiness.

Here’s the best part, here’s a reason I believe in good karma. I’ve been saying I won’t step foot in Yankee Stadium (my favorite place in the entire world) until Jeter comes back. Then, tickets for Sunday’s game fell into my hands, totally out of nowhere. I don’t have it in me to turn down Yankee tickets, but I was a little upset that I was going to be at a game without seeing the captain. In all my years of going to the stadium, Jeter has never not been there. Well, it looks like the universe is keeping that trend alive for me, and I’m beyond excited.

Derek has such a presence about him. He exemplifies what it means to be a Yankee. Having him back in the lineup, whether it’s as the DH or at his home at shortstop is huge to the team. The fact that Bob Sheppard’s voice will once again be resonating throughout the baseball cathedral “Number two. Derek Jeter. Number two,” just makes life make sense once again.

Excuse me while I watch this game of the captain’s return and squeal the entire time.

Welcome back Derek Jeter, we missed you!


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