Four years ago today, July 20, 2009, what I thought would be a minor setback ended up altering my entire life. Knee surgery.

You can read my past blogs, which discuss my knee issues, my love of dance, and how the two factors seem to be at a constant war with each other.

I got surgery in hopes of being able to dance again. Truly thinking that I was going to be all fixed, back and better than ever before. Clearly, it didn’t happen that way. So, every year, on this anniversary, I’m always a little down and disappointed, still shocked that I’m still not 100% and still in denial that my first true love (dance) was taken from me suddenly.

This year, it’s extra rough. Being I’m back at physical therapy again for my other knee (read “Heavy Heart,” post for details), it’s difficult to feel like any progress has been made. It’s tough to feel like you’re still fighting the same battle. And it’s tough to stay determined and keep fighting to win that battle when you’ve been stuck at a standstill for so long.

But, four years later, as I continue to deal with all of this, I’m trying to see it all in a new light, with a new perspective.

You see, one of my biggest letdowns from this whole situation was that I never knew my full potential (my surgery was only a year after I had switched studios and began getting proper training). I don’t know how far I could have went with dance. I don’t know where it could have taken me. I won’t ever know what my full capabilities were, and that has the power to keep me up at night.

Perspective switch!

I still have the potential to do so much. I have the capability to be capable of so much. One chapter may have ended, but the book itself is far from it.

Potential is an awful thing to wonder about, in any circumstance. But throwing away potential is far worse.

So, with a new perspective, here’s my realization – life happens. We get dealt a bad hand here and there. But sometimes, the only way to realize your full potential with one aspect, can only be seen when another aspect is cut off.

So my lovely readers – I offer to you the same mantra I repeat to myself, “Trust life.”

For me, this entire situation stings. And as time passes, the burn seems to intensify. But buried under all these emotions is trust that the potential I could have had with dance, is not nearly as much potential the universe sees in me with something else.

As you can tell, when I said four years ago my entire life was altered, I did not mean strictly physically.


One Mo Time!


As a die hard Yankee fan, I’ve been getting choked up since Opening Day when it comes to talking about Mariano Rivera.  I cannot believe he will be retiring after this season.  And it’s so crazy to think this is the last All Star Game he will be a part of.

The go to guy for a save, a member of the core four, the only active player who wears 42 on their jersey, the best closer in baseball… Mariano Rivera, Mo, The Sandman.  Is it really all dwindling down to an end?  Anyone who respects the game of baseball will agree that he has defined what it means to be a closer.  He has raised the standards for every future closer for not only the Yankees, but any major league team.

Aside from his work on the field, he also does various work for charities, both for his teammates, and his own foundation.  He has never once been linked to any Performance Enhancing Drugs, any misconduct, or any foul play.  He’s come up in the Yankee system and worked his way to greatness.  He will without a doubt earn a spot in the Baseball Hall of Fame, and go down as the greatest closer the Yankees have ever had.  He’s one of the athletes that give the game a good name.

I think the best way the Yankees can honor Mariano and his retiring season is by winning the World Series.  A champion should go out as a champion, with a championship.  So, as Yankee fans, we should all be sending some strong, positive, hopeful thoughts the Yankees way.  It’s time to put aside any criticism, negative thoughts, and judgements from the first half of this season, and believe in the power of the pinstripes.

So, let Mo’s presence in the All Star Game, and the rest of the season, soak in.  You are watching a legend.  You are watching history.

Here we go, chase for 28, one mo’ time

Oh Captain, My Captain


Words cannot express my excitement right now. I went to bed reading a tweet saying the captain, Derek Jeter, will be back to the Bronx on Friday. Well, waking up to a text message Yankee alert saying he’ll be back today…. I’m not even being dramatic when saying, I was very close to tears of happiness.

Here’s the best part, here’s a reason I believe in good karma. I’ve been saying I won’t step foot in Yankee Stadium (my favorite place in the entire world) until Jeter comes back. Then, tickets for Sunday’s game fell into my hands, totally out of nowhere. I don’t have it in me to turn down Yankee tickets, but I was a little upset that I was going to be at a game without seeing the captain. In all my years of going to the stadium, Jeter has never not been there. Well, it looks like the universe is keeping that trend alive for me, and I’m beyond excited.

Derek has such a presence about him. He exemplifies what it means to be a Yankee. Having him back in the lineup, whether it’s as the DH or at his home at shortstop is huge to the team. The fact that Bob Sheppard’s voice will once again be resonating throughout the baseball cathedral “Number two. Derek Jeter. Number two,” just makes life make sense once again.

Excuse me while I watch this game of the captain’s return and squeal the entire time.

Welcome back Derek Jeter, we missed you!