I took a Summer class which thankfully has ended because although I’m ambitious, I’m also exhausted.  But, for this Summer class we had to write a poem based off of a picture.  I was always taught to write what you know and about what is going on in your life.  Right now I’m dealing with a knee injury (see the post “Heavy Heart” if you want the full story), and so naturally I picked a photo about dance.


Here’s the picture….



and here’s the poem… 

Dear Dance

You were there for me throughout the years.

You often heard my cries.

You saw me at my weakest points.

You always encouraged me to survive.

You never once judged me.

You didn’t ever count me out.

You believed in me and my fight.

You repeatedly eased my doubts.

You were the one that I could count on.

You held the biggest spot in my heart.

You were the one behind my smile.

And yet you were the reason I fell apart.

Still I look at you with awe today and so much appreciation.

You taught me what it is to love and how to deal with devastation.


I address dance as a being in this poem.  Dance was my friend when I didn’t have any (see the “Cyberbullying” post).  Dance kept me sane and stable.  Therefore, dance is just as much a person as anyone in my eyes.

After reading this poem in class the other day though, I realized the weight of the line “And yet you were the reason I fell apart.”  It occurred to me that so many things that make us feel alive, are often the same things that manage to somehow drag us down.  It’s like we find the beauty in something and then it blinds us.  It’s quite ironic.

Why does that happen?  Why does it have to be like that?  I’ll never know.  But maybe it’s the universe’s way to tell us to stop, take a breath, live in the moment, and appreciate every aspect of this sometimes crazy, chaotic life.




“Be happy for this moment.  This moment is your life.” – Omar Khayyam


It Wasn’t Over…


Every baseball fan is familiar with Yogi Berra’s line, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”  In fact, I hold that saying very close to my heart.  I think it goes beyond baseball. 

In life, you may feel like you are going nowhere and can’t change your path – but you always can.  There’s more power within you than you think.  If you’re losing against an obstacle, or some sort of inner fight, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be defeated.  Clearly, Yogi knew what he was talking about.

This saying always seems to prove true when it comes to Yankees baseball though.  I’m convinced that sometimes Yankee players like to give their fans a show and so sometimes they wait until pretty late in the game to finally get their bats moving.  I’m sure everyone remembers their 2009 season.  Most of that season was defined by all the come from behind wins.

That’s part of the fun of baseball.  Scoring at the end of the game, right when the other team thinks they have the win in the bag – priceless.  And then extra inning come from behind wins – that’s like Christmas morning and my birthday excitement level combined.

A lot can happen in one inning of a baseball game.  A LOT.  So, why on Earth can a game be called an official game after just five innings due to rain?  Never was a fan of that rule, and I never will be.

This past Sunday, that rule proved to be unfair in the Yankees vs. Red Sox game.  The Red Sox were up by three after six innings and the game was called because of the rain.  Now I’m aware the rain can add to the possibilities of players getting injured.  The thunder and lightning can be… scary, I get it.  I’m not saying the player should become a force against mother nature or anything, but MLB should not consider a game less than nine innings an official game.

Who’s to say that in the seventh inning the Yankees wouldn’t have tied up the game?  Who knows if they would have took the lead by the eighth?  Nobody knows how the game would have ended, because it wasn’t over!  And, even putting the rule to the side for a second, it was a Yankees vs. Red Sox game.  HELLO – only the greatest rivalry in baseball, possibly in sports – why would you call that game early?  

The Yankees and Red Sox always battle each other throughout the game.  They feed off of the energy amongst the fans, both clubs, and the rivalry itself.  Anything is possible in these sort of games.  Anything (Jeter dive to the stands, walk offs, extra innings….).  The full nine innings sometimes isn’t even enough time to finish a normal game.  So how is this rule even a little okay?  

I think MLB needs to reevaluate this rule.  Call it for the day, sure.  Don’t call it for the books.  

I know, I sound like a completely crazed fan, but I just think it’s wrong.

Baseball is America’s favorite past time, and it was intended to be played for nine innings and have twenty seven outs.  Not allowing the full game is just compromising the game (and for dramatic effect let’s add the country as well) that we all love.

It ain’t over ’til it’s over…

…it wasn’t over!