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Anyone who knows me is aware of the cyberbullying I’ve had to deal with throughout junior high and high school.  I didn’t think it would follow me to college.  However, I also didn’t think people would be so immature after high school.  My mistake.

So what happened?  To sum it up there was a group of girls I was friends with, and well,  girls are cruel.  There was a “ring leader” so to speak, that I never bowed down to.  Therefore I became a target.  She didn’t like me, and didn’t want anyone else to either.  She had my group of friends turn against me.  She spread rumors.  It was nonsense.  There were blogs, burn books, fake screennames (remember back when aim instant messaging was a big deal?), and even fake facebooks.

It was an obstacle.  No doubt about it.  It truly tested my confidence and my will power.  Luckily I was able to use my determination as a weapon.  To be honest, it’s something I am most grateful for, because it proved a lot about myself.

Recently, I found out that she made a fake twitter about me.  My name.  My exact bio.  Different picture.  Random tweets.  Nonetheless, my name is on the line, and to me, my name is everything.

I’m not writing this to go on a rant about this girl, but rather to give some insight.  So many people, too many people, have to deal with cyberbullies.  Whether you’re in junior high school, college, or even a grown adult, this problem exists.

I know this girl wanted me to turn to self inflicting harm, and fortunately I was strong enough to choose a different route.  However, after dealing with this Twitter chaos, and having all those memories from junior high and high school flood my brain, I started wondering about the less outgoing victims of bullying.  What are they going to do?  Who are they going to tell?

When I was in junior high cyberbullying was still a rather new thing.  There was a lot I wish someone would have told me.  So I’m writing this blog for readers who may be dealing with a cyberbully.  I know what it feels like to be constantly tormented.  I also know that telling someone about it is not always at the top of your “to do” list.  But, what I didn’t know then, that I know now, is that things get better if you stick it out through tough times.  From someone who has been there, here’s my advice…

Don’t be afraid to be the “outcast.”  In fact, take some comfort in knowing that in a world full of people trying to be the same (especially in those terrible junior high years), you were distinct enough to stand out. 

Embrace your weirdness.  If people are going to make fun of you, let them.  It says way more about them than it ever will about you.  If you embrace who you are, those cyberbullies won’t feel they have any power over you either.  So let your freak flag wave.

Accept your flaws.  Once you do, no one can use them against you.  Ever.

Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself.  Most of the time you will find that you’re standing alone.  Too many “friends” are scared to join forces with you, because they think that they’ll be the next target as well.  It doesn’t always mean they’re bad people, it just means you’re a lot stronger than they are. 

Walk tall, with your head high.  It’s a little thing that I know from experience makes a big difference.  Look the world, and your enemies, in the face.  Let them know that whatever is thrown your way, you will conquer.

Smile.  More than likely if you’re dealing with a cyberbully the last thing you want to do is smile.  Well… fake it!  Because eventually, it will become a sort of muscle memory and a smile is all it takes to throw off people who want to see you down. Eventually it won’t be fake anymore.

Light a fire under yourself (not literally).  Prove them wrong.  Ignite your determination to be better and to do better than anyone thinks.

Change your outlook.  Look at all of this as a stepping stone to something so much better in your future.  And know that you’re being bullied because people are envious of the person you are and the sunshine you add to this world.

Trust life.  Know that your obstacle may be bigger than others, but that if you overcome it, your reward may also be bigger.

But, the biggest thing I can say is to never, ever, by any means stoop to their level. 

Not once, in all the years I was bullied did I ever retaliate.  If I wanted to, I could have.  I could have easily given those girls the same Hell they gave me.  Yet, I never did. I wasn’t raised to do those types of things and as many times as I wished I could shut up the voice in my head, I’m glad it overpowered me; because in retrospect, looking back, not seeking revenge was the biggest assessment of my character. 

At the end of the day I can rest my head on my pillow with a clear conscience, knowing that I was a good friend to those girls, and that I am a good person, despite my right to be bitter.  If you can do that at the end of the day, and have a sort of inner peace, no one can touch you.  

Therefore, I will leave you all with this… If you are doing the bullying – may you find God real quick, because you have your own set of issues.  If you are getting bullied, remember God gives the toughest battles to the strongest soldiers. 

Go show the world what you’re made of!  Along the way, you may even surprise yourself.


17 thoughts on “Cyberbullying

  1. very well said and I so glad you were strong enough to share this with everyone and be helpful to someone else. God Bless you always xoxoxo

  2. I did not know any of this……when I look at you I see such a beautiful and strong woman, so full of energy….. I am so proud of you for putting it out there to help others, you are one of a kind Kristina….very well said!!!! xoxo

  3. My dear Kristina – I am shocked to hear that bullying goes on in College too. I am so sorry you once again have to endure this. But so proud of you to weather this storm. Pity those bullies who are so envious of you. JEALOUSY will also go on in the work force. It is our air of confidence knowing we are good hard working, God fearing people that they are jealous of.
    Remember how loved you are by all the people that know you. xoxoxoxo

  4. Dear Kristina, I am glad that you over came your being bullied! Me personally, i can’t stand bullies and for things like cyber bullying I feel there should be a more harsh penalty. So many young kids are killing themselves or harming themselves over this. In some cases harming others! It needs to stop! But since I’m in your class and I’m your friend i will toilet paper her house free of charge for you lol =) Just kidding haha Keep up the positivity!

  5. Bullying was always something I was against and wouldnt want this to happen to anyone. Your a really strong person for putting up with bullying for such a long time and not letting it affect you in a way that could have turned you into a different person then who you are today. I always tell anyoen who has ever been bullied that its the reason why they are so strong and have such a stronger mentality and level of confidence. Cyber bullying is something I think people who are scared do because they could hide behind a computer but couldnt say anything to your face. Dont let anyone ever tear you down with words.

  6. i love this, in my blog I have a post of a video I saw on you tube of an old woman getting bullied by kids. I can relate to you in many ways because when I was younger I was bullied. I love how positive you are about the situation and I agree with what you have to say. I think this will help alot of people being bullied and give them positive hope.

  7. These girls have no life. It’s really pathetic that they’re even in college. It’s good to see someone lifting their chin and keeping a positive look on things like this. You would definitely a good role model for high schoolers and younger kids who go through cyberbullying and don’t have the courage to stand up for themselves. It’s really just sad how this is their way of having fun. Keep keeping your chin up and smile! (your blog is a good read!)

  8. Kristina- Reflecting back on our conversation about this when it first happened, I can understand where you are coming from reading about your experience it really cuts straight to the point with your witty sense of humor and how you held your head up high through all of it- speaking from experience throughout high school myself, that’s all we really can do! It just goes to show how much better of a person it makes you/us in the end! keep your head up always 🙂 – Emily Ysaguirre

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