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Define Yourself


“Cut off eight inches?” 

“Yeah, eight inches.”

“This is such a nice thing to do.  Recently I had to shave a woman’s head because she was diagnosed with cancer.  We both cried. It’s a hard thing to do because women are defined by their hair.”


This past Saturday I donated my hair for the second time.  Standing up to cancer in a small way, in honor of both of my grandfathers, I snipped off several inches for Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  It’s something I enjoy doing.  I don’t see it as a huge deal, or something to be praised about.  I do it as a way to hopefully help make a difference to someone.  I do it because I think if you can help someone, you should.  Point blank.   

When my hairdresser was cutting my hair though, she had commented on what a nice gesture donating your hair is because, “Women are defined by their hair.”  I was taken aback by that for a moment.  I thought, “Really? Women are defined by their hair?” As she continued to cut my now shoulder length hair, I pondered that statement.  I realized that not only women, but people as a whole are defined by not only their hair, but a million other meaningless “cover” attributes.   

Women are defined by their hair.  Is it in style?  Is it highlighted the right color?  

Men are defined by their hair.  Is there any hair?  If it’s too long does that mean he’s trying to be a hipster?  Too short, is he in the military?

Women are defined by their clothes.  Are they trendy?  Are they new?  Are they expensive?

Men are defined by their clothes.  Are they immature looking?  Are they “bumming it?”

These lists could go on for days….

 It’s things we are all guilty of thinking.  But, does it really matter?  We are so consumed with how people look in this world and that’s how we are defining people.  Have you ever stopped to wonder about a person’s background though?  

Let me paint you some perspective….

To the trendy, popular, high school girl who sees the shy girl in last season’s outfit and automatically assumes she’s low class… truth is, her single mother is trying to get a better job, and she told her to take the money to get new clothes for the interview.

To the buff, college athlete who sees a teammate in beat up cleats and assumes they can’t be serious and they’ll just be a benchwarmer… truth is, his father just passed away, and those were his father’s cleats.

To the young, newly employed worker who sees an older employee still working and assumes she’s power hungry and that’s why she hasn’t retired… truth is, her husband has cancer and she can’t afford the chemo if she’s not working.

To the older man commuting who sees a younger guy in a fitted hat tilted sideways and assumes he’s in a gang… truth is, he was jumped last year and wears that hat sideways to cover his scar.

Are you catching on to my point?  

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live in a world where I’m defined by artificial nothings.  I want to define myself.  


“Make it nine inches.” 





For further information on Pantene Beautiful Lengths, check out their website… www.pantene.com 

Stand Up To Cancer.


3 thoughts on “Define Yourself

  1. How beautiful and how true – however, YOU are judged by your appearance – I grew up poor, the younger of nine children but my Momma instilled in us that “people see what you wear and not what you eat”! The lenghth of anyone’s hair is not important as long as it is shiny and clean. By you helping someone look beautiful by donating 9″ of your hair is a blessing. You will continue to be forever blessed!
    Gram – xoxoxoxo

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