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Going Back To Basics

ImageFebruary 14th.  Valentine’s day.  Single’s Awareness day.  The “Hallmark” day.  A dreaded day.  A hated day.  A surprising day.  A favorite day.  Just another day.  

Everyone has a name for that fourteenth day in February.  The ones who have a negative attitude about it, probably have a good reason.  While the people who see no harm in it, have either fond memories or no memories of good or bad at all.

I, personally, think Valentine’s day is super strange.  It’s a set day to show someone you apparently care enough about to be in a relationship with, that you do indeed care.  And if you’re single, it acts as a deadline to your search for someone to be your designated attention giver for the day.  And for those in a “fling,” it’s a day where you try to be cute and show you’re willing to make an effort with someone who may not always be responsive.  Where you go against any personal fear of rejection in hopes of having a real valentine; whatever that really is.

Why do we do that though?  Why do we search for someone to give us affection?  Is it because in elementary school it was routine to pass out Valentine’s day cards?  Is it because the media has done nothing but throw the idea of love and relationships in our face since we were old enough to read?  Is it because no one wants to ever be alone with just their thoughts?  I know, that’s just so terrifying (please note the sarcasm dripping from that sentence).  Are we really that concerned with fitting in to the social status quo?  Or are we, as humans, seriously that needy?

The answers to all these questions can all boil down to the one thing we have forgotten.  We have forgotten the most basic rule of love, relationships, and pretty much life.  We have forgotten that we need to love ourselves before we even think about loving anyone else, or even accepting love from anyone else.  Ask yourself if you’re running toward someone to be your valentine simply because you’re running away from yourself.  Simply because you’re afraid of being your own valentine.  

We need to be our own valentine.  We need to cherish the relationship we have with ourself.  That’s the most important relationship we’ll ever have.  If we fail to love who we are, we ultimately fail at existing in general.  It’s true, the most profound relationship is the one you have with yourself.

It’s sort of funny.  For the past few years I’ve always said I was my own valentine, because after overcoming obstacles in my past, I really do love myself.  However, it hasn’t been until recently, dealing with my own set of “relationship” (for lack of a better word) issues, that I realized how on point I really was.

So, Happy Valentine’s day… to you.  Simply to you, your self, your soul.  Respect and admiration for all you are, all you do, and all you hope to achieve – that’s true love.  And that’s true love that will never break your heart or leave you with unanswered questions.  Now go buy yourself something nice! 


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