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Is A-Roid Back? Did A-Roid Ever Leave?

New Yorkers.  We seem to be distinguishable for various reasons.  Whether it be our accent, our quickness, our no nonsense mentality, you can normally figure out who’s from the empire state.

New York sports fans.  Completely recognizable for our dedication, pride, and more specifically, our brutally honest criticism towards teams and players.  Most New York athletes are well aware of this.  However, we all know Yankees’ third baseman Alex Rodriguez likes to be different.

A-Rod has admitted to taking performance-enhancing drugs when he was a part of the Texas Rangers back in 2001 – 2003, but has said that as a Yankee he’s been clean. Well, recently reports have surfaced that state otherwise.  There is speculation as to whether or not A-Rod has taken steroids after the time frame he admitted, and in fact while wearing pinstripes. Major League Baseball Commissioners are now investigating this issue further.  However, do we really care what the outcome is?

I can tell you, as a New York fan, I don’t care about the conclusion in this investigation.  You know why?  Because either way, I will still dislike A-Rod.  Aside from his arrogance, he proved this past postseason that he can’t be counted on in key situations at all.  But let’s not forget my favorite A-Rod moment of 2012, him saying the line up is better when he’s in it, after of course striking out countless times.

Being his hip injury (which by the way, he made note of once Jeter was in the spotlight from his injury – really Alex, you couldn’t just let the captain have the limelight for a little bit?) could potentially keep him out the entire season, it looks like we will be able to see how that theory pans out.  I think we all know how it’s going to turn out, and to say it nicely, A-Rod may be a tad embarrassed. 

It’s one thing to not perform well as an athlete, it’s another to deny it.  It’s also another to act like A-Rod did and walk around like he’s alpha dog.  I believe this is when all New Yorkers gave up any hope that A-Rod could perhaps represent the pinstripes well once again, like he had when he would homer every other at bat.  Arrogance is not attractive A-Rod, so even though you’re writing your number on baseballs and tossing them to models thinking that you’re doing quite well among the crowd, your actual career fan base is not impressed.

So, MLB Commissioners – don’t bother investigating.  It does not matter if A-Rod should be granted the nickname A-Roid again or not.  This entire situation holds no weight on our already formed opinions regarding him letting us down on and off the field repeatedly.  

This may be a little harsh, but I am a New Yorker and a New York sports fan… so really what did you expect?


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