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A few years ago if you asked me to define the word perspective, I would probably do just that.  I’d give you my version of the dictionary definition.  But, today, if I define that word, there’s so much feeling behind it.

There’s now a story within the word.  There’s a person within the story.  There’s a an actual meaning in the definition.  Are all words like that?  Do they mean nothing until an experience defines it?  Probably.  So, the writers of Webster – they just gave us an outline for what words mean.  We, ourselves, have to actually define it.  Much like life.

The perspective I have on life was changed about a year and a half ago.  Maybe a little before that.  When he first got sick I think my perspective started being shaped into my own definition.

My perspective.  What is it?  It’s that life is short, you have to live every day to the fullest.  You have to embrace everything.  Every great thing, every struggle, just absolutely everything.  Life is too short to live with unanswered questions, so ask them.  Life is too short to not make a statement, so make a scene.  Life is too short to not take a chance, so take it – even if it makes you look like a fool.  Life is too short.  Point blank.  

Cliche?  I used to think so too.  But once you see the life of someone slip away in such a small time frame, you realize the truth in it.  

Everyone looks at their watch, or their phone, or something to see the time.  But we don’t really have a grasp on it.

 Life is too short.  We have to understand that our time is not in a minute, in an hour, it’s right this second.  Every breath you take is another blessing.

Life is short.  Unfortunately we don’t understand that concept without an experience that proves it true.  But with that experience, as destructive as it may be, you can change your whole perspective.

With a changed perspective, you can change your life.  If you can change your life, you could influence change.  With that influence, we can make a difference.  We can leave a mark on this crazy world.  Because even though our time here is short, what we leave behind does not have to be.  

So what legacy are you going to leave behind?  It’s all based on your perspective. As a new year approaches, make sure your perspective is one worth keeping.


4 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Great words of wisdom to live by! I loved reading about your thoughts, and perspective. I too have (all too often) heard ‘life is short’, but never really ‘got it’ until about a year ago. I was diagnosed with an ‘incurable disease’, yet decided to defy the verdict (and did!). It was thanks to the help of my mentor, (at FTRNation.com) that I realized my ‘decisions’ would literally shape the rest of my life. I ‘decided’ to write a new story for myself, versus accept the status quo. Conditions are just that, conditions, and it’s our attitudes, thoughts and perspective that creates them! I am so thankful for my life, and no longer take each day for granted. Thanks again for your post. I only wish it had sunk in earlier, …but better late than never!! Great work sharing the wisdom!

    • Thank you so much for sharing! Congratulations on fighting it! With the right mind set anything and everything is possible. Wishing you all the best in the new year! Thanks so much for reading my blog!

  2. Very keen and powerful observations, Kristina! Thank you for sharing them. Your words lead me to two observations:

    In the first part when you said ” Are all words like that? Do they mean nothing until an experience defines it?” I was reminded how many times in life I have realized that a misunderstanding or hurt feelings or disappointments were the result of my having a very different definition of something than someone else. Even when we speak the same language, even when we subscribe to the same Webster’s Dictionary, even when we come from the same region with the same slang….we can grow into VERY different definitions of things based on our experience. The older I get, the more quickly I remember that and explore that aspect of communication first when trying to resolve a conflict. You’re lucky to be in on that mystery already!

    You also said “Everyone looks at their watch, or their phone, or something to see the time. But we don’t really have a grasp on it.” I experienced that just last week when I had what felt like an out of body experience. I was with my nephew and we were reminiscing about something that happened about 23 years ago when he was a year or two old. In a flash it was like we weren’t reminiscing – but we were there…..and then I blinked and we were here. 23 years passed in a blink! And it really and truly felt like 23 years had passed in a blink. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years…..they’re all an illusion. In a blink we got from there to here. And, the older I get, the quicker the blinks! That sounds kinda sad, I guess – but the trick is to savor every blink. Yes, even the painful ones. And, remember that our souls are not limited by the physical constraints of this life. We get to take all the blinks with us!!

    Thank you for the reminder! ❤

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