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Youkilis No Longer Wears Sox…

Well, it’s official, the world is ending folks.  This apocalypse we all thought was nothing more than a good story line for a sitcom, is coming true.  Why? Because Kevin Youkilis is now a Yankee.

Youkilis agreed to a one year $12 million contract with the Bronx Bombers.  I’m disgusted. As an absolute diehard Yankees fan, it really sickens me to think of the Bleacher Creatures chanting out his name.  Youk-i-lis.  Ugh, it doesn’t sit well.

When Johnny Damon became a Yankee, I was also perturbed.  However, the level of hate that Yankees’ fans have for Kevin Youkilis is on a whole other level.  I mean, let’s be honest, we all disliked Damon, but we hate Youkilis.  Now we’re supposed to root for him? How? I can’t do it.

Plus, Youkilis has a history for getting injured.  So, what exactly is he doing for the team?  I’m confused.  Why can’t we put a new, young, up and coming player at third?  They have to start somewhere.  This could be their chance, but instead we are giving it to a former enemy.  

What I want to know is how on Earth is Youkilis going to put on a Yankee uniform?  How can you wear pinstripes after years of wearing the rivaled team’s uniform? We all know that secretly he probably hoped bad things on a player to cost the Yankees a game.  Now he wants to be a teammate?  How can he look at himself in the mirror?  I just can’t stomach this.

It’s also sad to me when crazy deals like this happen, because it just proves that this is a business.  The fact that money really talks bothers me.  I feel like there should be some team loyalty.  I’m sure some players (hint – Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada) have a sense of team loyalty, but it’s a rare thing to see today.  

Youkilis has managed to take off his Red Sox, get rid of his White Sox, and now… I guess he’s okay with being barefoot if he can wear pinstripes? 

May the force be with you as we now all prepare for the end of the world.  


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