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Bottle It Up

I have not even started my Christmas shopping yet.  How horrible is that?  Later on today, at a decent hour, I plan on shopping until I’m on the verge of dropping.  May the force be with me.

Every year it’s more difficult to come up with gift ideas for people.  And when people ask me what I want, I’ve been saying for the past five years, “Derek Jeter and world peace.”  Clearly, that’s a little difficult to obtain.  I can dream though, can’t I?

I think I’ve finally figured out why Christmas shopping is becoming so difficult though.  It’s not because you’re not creative anymore.  It’s not because you got them the best gift the year before.  It’s because what people really need, and should be given as a gift, simply cannot be purchased.  

I wish we could find a way to bottle emotion, because those bottles would be the best Christmas gifts.  And, how much easier would coming up with ideas be?  If someone asked me what I wanted for Christmas I could say “Patience,” I mean, I would also say Derek Jeter and world peace too, but at least patience could be reasonable.  

I wish I could bottle up wisdom and give it to people who have yet to see what other people see.  I wish I could bottle up optimism for the negative people who refuse to see a glass half full.  I wish I could bottle up hope for everyone struggling.  I wish I could bottle up strength for those who fear to face the world.  I wish I could bottle up health for those who are afraid this Christmas and holiday season may be their last.  I wish I could bottle up perspective, and give a little to everyone in my life.  Those are the kinds of gifts we need to be giving, and receiving.  Those are the kinds of gifts we need.  

Maybe we can give those gifts without having to worry about bottling them up though.  Could that be possible?  That’s my grown up Christmas list, because I think anything is worth a try.


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