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Fate Freaks Me Out

While driving to work with my iPod on shuffle, OneRepublic’s “Say (All I Need)” song came on.  One of my absolute favorites.  I’ve rocked out in my car to this song before many times, nonchalantly belting out the chorus and choreographing a dance in my head.  Really, it’s no big deal.  But every time I hear this song, there’s one line that leads to some deep thinking, even twenty songs later.  That one line, “Do you know what your fate is?  Are you trying to shake it?” It makes me stop and think about life every single time.  It’s probably because the whole fate theory is constantly astonishing me, amazing me, and thoroughly confusing me.

So, what is fate?  Is our life all mapped out already?  Do we have any say really?  Or, is our life destined to be a certain way despite what we do?  Do we know what our fate is?  It just freaks me out.  Take it a step further, do people cross our paths for a reason?  Is that all just a part of fate too?  How does a person decipher when to act and when to let fate act?

If we have some say with our destiny, can we change our fate, for better or worse?  Can we shake it?  Was my fate to hear that song in the car and blog about it?  Is that pushing it?  I’ll never really know.  Neither will you, so I don’t feel as cheated.

I do believe that things happen for a reason and that fate does exist.  I think things fall into place, as they are supposed to.  Sometimes though, I wonder if fate is anything more than a crutch of hope that someone made up to help accept a stumble in their life.  Even still, it’s a nice thing to believe in, and it puts things in a bright perspective.

Whenever I hear the word fate, I’m automatically sucked into my never ending thoughts, overanalyzed theories, and nonstop questions.  So, hearing Ryan Tedder’s angelic voice sing the word, is no different.


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