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Buddy The Elf, What’s Your Favorite Color?

As the holidays approach, every channel known to man seems to be showing the movie, Elf. I am definitely not complaining.

When watching Elf for the second time last night, the twelfth time of this season alone, I thought of something pretty spectacular.  If everyone acted like Buddy The Elf, all year long, world peace could in fact exist.  I truly believe that.

Buddy is a happy person who brings his own sunshine, or snowflakes, along with him everywhere.  He doesn’t let any negativity ruin his positive attitude, because remember smiling is his favorite!  He also doesn’t give up on people.  He knows that there is always room on the nice list.  He is encouraging, congratulating a diner for having the world’s best cup of coffee.  He sings to his own song, in his own tune, even in a store that is a made up North Pole. Even still, he seeks the truth in life.  He doesn’t tolerate anyone that sits on a throne of lies and pretends to be Santa!  

Most importantly though, Buddy has spirit, and not just the Christmas kind.  Buddy puts his heart into everything.  He leaves people in a better spirit, whether it’s a vibe through a TV, or by suggesting someone should be on a Christmas card in the office.  Everything he does, he does with the best intentions and to genuinely leave people feeling a little brighter.

This holiday season, let us all think WWBD…What Would Buddy Do?  Then, let’s carry that throughout the year.  Maybe we’ll brighten up more people’s days than thought to be possible.


Happy Holidays!


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